Sunday, July 24, 2011

July Counterfeit Kit Layouts #1,2 & 3

I'm back from vacation and and just trying to catch up on everything. Vacation was great - but not long enough! I was able to complete 3 layouts for my Lake mini album. These photos are from last summer. It was the first year we ever took the plunge and rented a boat. It was a 1970's special. Nothing fancy, but a lot of fun.

This year we decided to rent from a different place and go with a bit of an upgrade. Unfortunately, it was a complete mess. We only had the rental for 2 days. The first day everything was going well, but towards the end of the day the boat started acting weird. We called the company and they told us to bring it in the next morning. Well, on the way to return the boat, the transmission died and somehow a piece of the propeller broke off. We had to call to get them to come tow the boat. We lost the entire second day, which was paid in full, and had to pay extra to fix the propeller. It was a disaster all around and very disappointing for the entire family. It is a good thing I captured last year's happy times! Most all of my supplies are from my Liberty Shores Ad-On Kit.


  1. sorry you had such bad luck on your boating trip this year-your pages are great-lovely minis!

  2. What a shame - at least you have been remembering better times. I really like that ribbon banner