Sunday, January 22, 2012

My Scrap Room

We moved into our house a year ago and I was very lucky to be able to convert one of our bedrooms into my personal craft retreat. It is a continuing work in progress as the space is an awkward shape and I am still trying to figure out how to best organize all of my stuff.

My favorite part of the room is that it is at the front of the house and gets tons of sunlight so it keeps the room bright and toasty. Here is a view from the doorway:

I kept the mess on the floor for the picture because it shows off my scrapping work style which is to sit on the ground surrounded by supplies.The curtains are from Target and my mom was nice enough to hem them and make matching pillows for the chairs with the left over fabric.

Here is the technology work station with my Cricut, laptop and printer.
Here is a view of the main desk. It is the Ikea Expedit desk which I absolutely love and wish I had one of these bookcases in every room in the house.
The desk is not normally this clean. However, I am taking The Curious Scrapbooker's Field Guide with May Flaum at Big Picture starting in a few weeks and I got a head start on pulling my supplies together and cleaning up. I just installed the Ikea Bygel rails on the side of the desk and filled them with supplies for class.

And the last part of my room, and certainly the least, is the super small closet that I haven't quite figured out what to do with. Originally there was just the one shelf on the top, but I added two more for additional storage.

And there you have it! I think if I could have my dream space it would look something like this:
Here's what I love:
1. The mix of blues & whites
2. The window seat. I love window seats and would like to figure out how to install one.
3. Oversized chairs for relaxing and reading breaks
4. A huge counter that goes on forever. I think if I had more counter space to spread out, I wouldn't need to sit on the floor
5. Those cabinets! I would love custom cabinets to get everything out of the plastic bins and into nice shelving.
6. An area to display my favorite work


  1. I think your room is really pretty. it has a calming,, relaxing, feeling

  2. Your room is very pretty. I love your curtains and multiple work areas. I have a few expedits and am trying to switch everything over to expedits. They are great.

  3. your room looks great - so bright and sunny which is always such a bonus as long as it's not too much (I have a problem in the summer with too much sun - it even warped my craft mat!). I really looks very pretty and your "dream" room is totally gorgeous - I'm with you on the window seat! :-)

  4. Your scrap space is BEAUTIFUL!! Love it!

  5. You room looks very cheerful; I'm sure it is conducive to creativity. Now tell me, if you had that dream counter that goes on and on would you still scrap on the floor?

  6. I think your craft space is great - (love the expansion onto the floor) - and that dream space looks so cool!