Thursday, September 22, 2011

Double Take: Big Picture Classes

What do you do when you have a serious fear of double page layouts? You sign up to take a class focused only on creating double pages - of course!! When my favorite Big Picture Classes teacher, the fabulous May Flaum, announced that her next class was all about double page layouts, I admit, I thought maybe this would be the one class I didn't take. I don't know what it is about them. Maybe I've just fallen in love with the beautiful simplicity of single 4x6 photo. However, life is about trying new things and if you don't open a window and stick your head outside to get some fresh air, your life is going to get stuffy and uncomfortable pretty fast. So I took a chance and enrolled.

The class is called Double Take: Double the Layouts and Sketches. The coolest part is it you get double everything including double teachers - May is teaming up with Nic Howard and each week you get a handout with four double paged sketches and examples from both Nic and May. Ridiculous amounts of inspiration. There are two things I love most about the format of Big Picture Classes. 1. The wonderful community of each class. The message boards are filled with encouragement and talented folks from around the globe. And 2. The approachability of the teachers who are willing to answer questions about anything. If you want to join in on the fun, registration is open until 9/28 so there is still time.

Today is the first day of class and somehow I managed to put together my first layout in only 1 hr 18 min which is a personal best for me - and its a double pager! I chose to start with an easier sketch and will work my way up to more difficult ones.. baby steps. I'd like to walk away feeling like I can whip up a double anytime I want!


  1. Great layouts and WOW great job on the time:) Love the other layout below:) TFS

  2. Sketches are fabulous aren't they. May and Nic are fabulous teachers. Love the misting on your page. Thanks for stopping by my blog too.

  3. thanks for popping by my blog today! nice double layout - I so wanted to do this class but haven't signed up so far... I'm such a huge Nic H fan!